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Deadline: March 21, 2023
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Tough to Kill, Easy to Build: How Blue Halo’s Newest sUAS Combines Rugged Technology with Advanced Materials and Scalable Manufacturing.

  • Room: 201
  • Session Number:XPO23-EG16
Tuesday, May 09, 2023: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


Session Speaker
Alex Clark
Director of Unmanned Systems & Payloads
Session Speaker
Gregory Shoup
Chief Technical Officer
Allegheny Performance Plastics, LLC.
Session Speaker
Jeremy Smith
Business Development Manager
Alpine Advanced Materials
Tony Deligio
Executive Editor
Plastics Technology


The need for UAVs to travel further, fly faster and carry more payload has driven the adoption of lightweight composites in replacement of machined metals. Combined with growing demand and expanding environmental and mechanical capabilities, high-performance injection molded thermoplastics are becoming a cost-effective material of choice for demanding and lasting applications. This panel discussion will cover how to transition from  traditional methods to an economically scalable, high-performance injection molded part.

Discover how BlueHalo navigated this new territory by partnering with Alpine Advanced Materials, and how HX5® enabled the frame of their latest IE-V3 to achieve part performance above preliminary material capabilities, add durability for more extreme environmental conditions, and eliminate part count to both reduce costs and facilitate faster in-field assembly.


Job Role:
C-Level Executive,Engineering/Technical,Journalist

Pass Type Required:
VIP Pass,Full Conference Pass,XPO Hall Pass,Media/Press Pass

Swarming,Expanded UAS Operations

Sponsored by:

BlueHalo, Alpine Advanced Materials, & Allegheny Performance Plastics

BlueHalo, Alpine Advanced Materials, & Allegheny Performance Plastics