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Outdoor Demos

Pacific Pivot Outdoor Air & Maritime Demonstrations

Tuesday, April 23 - 25, 2024 | Central Terrace
Open to all Pass Types


  • Tuesday, April 23 – 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, April 24 – 11:00 am – 3:30 pm
    • 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm - Special demonstration of the Seahawk by the US Navy
  • Thursday, April 25 – 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

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Mature, proven commercial technologies stand ready to provide critical warfighting capabilities.

New and only at XPONENTIAL 2024, AUVSI Defense will host outdoor Pacific Pivot demonstrations of multi-domain warfighting. Our goal is for these demonstrations to serve as a pathfinders for defense agencies' production and R&D investment decision-making. Demonstrations of platforms and technologies in the air, maritime surface, and maritime subsurface domains will be conducted. Multiple vendor technologies will be coupled together simulating warfighting scenarios to demonstrate the capability of closing gaps and challenges identified during AUVSI’s Ideation Workshop held at COMTHIRDFLT Headquarters (Dec 2023).

Topics of demonstration include:

  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and Targeting (ISR-T)
  • UAS detection air monitoring system to demonstrate 4-D air asset situational awareness.
  • UAS with ultra-high resolution visual and radiometric thermal cameras

JAIA Robotics

The JaiaBot System, with applications in Environmental Monitoring, Research, Offshore Renewables, Aquaculture, Defense, and Academia, offers unprecedented cost savings in aquatic data collection. The acquisition cost and minimal maintenance needs finally provide a multi vehicle system that is truly scalable.



MatrixSpace is re-imagining radar. We are addressing the next generation of AI-enabled sensing so that objects can be identified, and data collected in real-time - no cloud access required. We’re building the smallest radar system to provide new levels of integrated outdoor surveillance in 4D (the size, location, and movement of objects in time) that makes it accessible to a broad range of public and private enterprises.

MatrixSpace - AI Collaborative Sensing

Experience MatrixSpace Radar: High-performance radar redefining outdoor surveillance with AI Collaborative Sensing.


Ocius Technology

Intelligent, Networked, Integrated

Power large payloads, roam widely, and stay at sea for months at a time. Ocius USVs offer economic and operational advantages over conventional methods in a multitude of industries. Utilising solar, wind and wave power, these vessels can autonomously monitor designated areas for lengths of time. The videos and links below demonstrate just some of the solutions we offer.


Ocean Power Technologies (OPT)

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) provides intelligent maritime solutions and services that enable safer and more productive ocean operations for the defense and security, environmental, hydrographic, scientific research, and energy markets. OPT’s PowerBuoy technology generates power from wind, solar, and wave that enables persistent real-time monitoring of environmental and maritime domain awareness. OPT’s WAM-V Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) is a solution containing multidomain advanced C5ISR sensor suites to provide maritime defense solutions for aerial, surface and subsea domain awareness. The WAM-V USV has a tailored solution for a Detect to Engage MCM system inclusive of a complete hydrographic suite with towed sidescan and AI for detection then a ROV launch & recovery for detonation.



As the world rapidly evolves, Saab, Inc. remains at the forefront, innovating for a safer tomorrow. Saab is a leading defense and security company with an enduring mission, to help keep people and society safe, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create a safer, more sustainable.


SPEC Innovations

Founded in 1993, SPEC Innovations helps the most innovative companies around the world develop complex systems and products through our consulting, training, and software. Our flagship software, Innoslate, is the first cloud-native, model-based systems engineering software tool, that supports the entire system or product lifecycle. Innoslate combines modeling, simulation, requirements management, testing, and program management in one place, plus added integrations to enable your development of an Authoritative Source of Truth (AsoT). Sopatra, powered by Innoslate, provides simulated-human performance metrics through AI technology. See where mission and systems engineering can take you at.



Skydio X10D
The intelligent drone that provides powerful, timely information, with the best sensors on a small UAS, piloted by the most advanced AI in the sky. Harness dual-use innovation with drones that are small, smart, survivable, and ready to scale. Packing more megapixels and better optics than any drone its size, Skydio X10D boasts modular, high-resolution visual and radiometric thermal cameras. With the X10D, you can gain a decision-making advantage with precise, accurate information. Fly the most complex missions confidently, even in contested environments. With superior AI flight assistance and obstacle avoidance, Skydio X10D reduces operators’ cognitive load and requires a fraction of the training hours demanded by traditional drones.